CUPPERS: The Real Inspector Hound (Trinity)

Tue 6th November 2012


Lizhi Howard

at 00:31 on 8th Nov 2012



'The Real Inspector Hound' by Tom Stoppard seems to be the play of the moment; with a sell-out show last week at the BT and two productions of it in this year’s Cuppers. Trinity College presented the first half of the play in which two theatre critics watch a ‘thriller’ play whilst stroking their own egos and trying to work out whodunit.

The actors were very good. Alexander Breton as Birdboot perfectly captured the panic of a man trying to cover a misdemeanour by suggesting the fault is in the one implying it. His facial expressions were fantastically timed throughout and added another layer of humour to the script. Erin Dexter as Mrs Drudge was also very funny as the busy body housekeeper and Celia Stevenson as Felicity brilliantly captured a scorned, if slightly hysterical young lady. Both Crawford Jamieson as Simon the cad and the mysterious Magnus played by Richard Stone acted their parts with aplomb Rachel Finegold as Lady Celia embodied the lady of the house very well. Inspector Hound’s cameo (played by Shelby Holmes) was also in keeping with the comedy of the production. Moon (Michael Roderick) was extremely well cast; he used all aspects of his physicality and voice to create a self-centred but oddly likable theatre critic.

All of the cast must be applauded for their ability to improvise on the spot. One or two forgotten lines were covered well and in a style in keeping with the production. A technical error with the radio was first covered by a genius stroke from Gascoin with the rest of the cast following his lead through the rest of the production. This is testament to how well the cast worked together and mention must go to the director Alex Shavick for assembling and rehearsing this team. It is unfortunate that there was a technical error with the radio but the rest of the props on stage were well used and for the most part well thought out, as were the costumes.

This was a very enjoyable production and it was a shame that we didn’t get to see the rest. The cast worked fantastically together with some names that we might hopefully see amongst the Imps and the Review in the future.


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