CUPPERS: Punk Rock (St Hugh's)

Thu 10th November 2011


Alice Penfold

at 00:14 on 11th Nov 2011



The eight person cast of Punk Rock was not bad. Although St Hughs’s production was not outstanding, it was nevertheless a well rehearsed and enjoyable performance of Simon Stephens’s contemporary school drama.

Alex Dickinson conveyed the bright and unsettled mind of William quite well; although his acting seemed nervous at the start of his performance, he certainly improved as the show continued. Nick Williams was impressive as Nicholas, slightly static in parts but generally he engaged with and developed his character throughout.

Maltie Curtis (Lily), Nina Black (Tanya), Stella Dalzal (Cissy) and Nick Salter (Dennet) were more one dimensional and perhaps less convincing in their performances. Curtis was too melodramatic in some of her delivery, although she was at her best in her final climactic scene with Dickinson. Salter had the most comic moments in the play but his delivery was slightly flat and rushed in places.

The best performance was arguably that of Alex Hoare (Chadwick), who, despite a slightly unbelievable first scene, became much more captivating as the play developed.

The overall production was slick, with quick scene changes and good use of lighting, particularly in the final scene. In terms of sound effects, the gun shots which dramatically brought the performance to a close were delivered a little too quickly after the dialogue had finished, a climactic moment that could have been delivered more effectively. The adaptation created an anxious world, of adolescence, relationships, and education: although the performances were rather wooden, the overall production was polished, enjoyable, and thoughtful.


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