CUPPERS: James and the Giant Peach (Corpus Christi)

Thu 10th November 2011


Claire Harrill

at 20:58 on 10th Nov 2011



This production was everything that cuppers is about for me. It was bright, fun and inclusive. The script dragged a little in places, but generally it was a great adaptation, full of cuppers-appropriate daft peach-related puns. The Earthworm and the Grasshopper stood out particularly as actors, but more than this there was a sense about this production of the whole cast working together. It was a real ensemble performance, and a little set mishap was treated as though it was part of the play. There were some lovely touches, like balloons standing in for the seagulls, and the spider gazing out to sea with one of her false arms over her eyes, and the whole thing was approached with a real sense of enjoyment and fun. The costumes were great- cute and bright- and the whole look and design of the play fitted together. I know it's a bit twee, but the word I would use to describe this production is "charming", because that is absolutely what it was.


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