CUPPERS: Cockfosters (Jesus)

Thu 10th November 2011


Claire Harrill

at 20:50 on 10th Nov 2011



A good , watchable piece of new writing, with two strong performances, but the script relied a little too much for my liking on saying "fuck" a lot in order to be "gritty". The set and lighting design were suitably moody and the decrepit state of a male student's bedroom was all too realistically reproduced. Generally, it was good and there were some really funny moments (the reading of the poem was hilarious), but it felt as though this production was trying to be too "edgy" and didn't quite achieve it. Along with the "fuck"ing, there was a very unconvincing slap, and while I would never advocate hitting a woman for real, no slap is better than one that does not really convince. This play was almost there, and I really enjoyed it, I just think the kind of gritty realism it was aiming for was not what is best suited to cuppers, or a twenty minute performance.


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