Laughter Track

Fri 11th November 2011


Rebecca Loxton

at 01:46 on 12th Nov 2011



The Laughter Track is billed as a juicy casserole of sketch comedy and stand-up, and it is an apt description. Small slices of comedy are served up for the audience’s delectation, as stand-up, sketch and comic poetry (from Milton Keynes’ very own poet laureate, no less) merge to form a tasty whole.

The Laughter Track is designed to showcase a selection of the best bits of the contemporary comedy circuit, as the audience is informed at the beginning of the show. The whole piece is held together by the wonderfully-named double act Awkward Silence, a comedy duo whose function is to both introduce different acts and act out small comic sketches in between each comedian. The duo are a versatile act, switching from playing two people in a DVD rental shop in one sketch to a convincing portrayal of two doddery old women rehearsing a scene from Macbeth in another sketch.

Particular highlights of the stand-up comedy sections of the show include the young comedian Patrick Turpin, whose kooky set includes amusing lines about Michael Bublé, proclamations of Ian Huntley’s innocence and a game focusing on the difference between an inn and a pub.

His intentionally nervous demeanour, which leads him to fumble with the microphone and avoid direct eye contact with the audience throughout most of his set, adds to the wit of his rather deadpan humour.

Russian comedienne, Tatiana, a great hit in Vladivostok, is also one of the funniest of the evening’s acts. She comes with a set of pre-prepared jokes and a soft toy, Mr Tickles. The aforementioned companion is used to illustrate Tatiana’s Education for Special Needs Children programme. She instructs the audience they should be learning not laughing, as Mr Tickles confides in her about his heroin addiction and subsequent spiral of shame.

The venue, which is comprised of a small stage above a pub in the Port Mahon, adds to the laid-back atmosphere of the event, as the audience wanders in and out of the small theatre, drinks in hand, enjoying this night of hearty laughter. Judging by the audience’s reaction, this melting pot of comedy titbits entertained from beginning to end.


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