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Xandra Burns


Xandra Burns, former Co-Editor of Oxford Theatre Review, is a third year Englishist at Exeter College. She has also written for Oxford Theatre Review as a New Writing Blogger, and reviewed for Edinburgh Fringe Review in 2011. In 2011 she did marketing for 'Pygmalion,' 'Blue Remembered Hills,' and Exeter College's award-winning 'Shakers.' She acted in 'Troilus and Cressida' and performed with In the Pink.


Best of Trinity 2012:

The Odyssey (Creation) ★★★★★

Dangerous Liaisons ★★★★

After the Dance ★★★★

Contractions ★★★★

Unsex Me Here ★★★★


Best of Hilary 2012:

Hamlet (Creation) ★★★★

The Hothouse ★★★★

Schrodinger's Hat ★★★★


Michaelmas 2011:

Posh ★★★★

CUPPERS: MacClegg (Teddy Hall) ★★★★


Best of Michaelmas 2010 - Trinity 2011:

Fairway Manor ★★★★★

Vincent River ★★★★

Blue Remembered Hills ★★★★

Mona & Bea ★★★★

Rory & Tim Present SKETCH CLUB ★★★★

The Lesson ★★★★

The Shape of Things ★★★★

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