The Pirates of Penzance

Wed 21st – Sat 24th Nov 2012


“OUG&SS presents this joyous swashbuckling classic with plenty of witty lyrics and catchy tunes! ”





OU Gilbert and Sullivan Society


Owing to a grave misunderstanding, Frederic was apprenticed as a young lad to a crew of pirates and it is only now, aged twenty-one, that he is free to leave. However, just as he sets off, determined to become a lawful citizen, a bevy of beautiful maidens arrives with their guardian, Major General Stanley. Smitten with these lovely girls, the pirates become determined to marry them to the horror of the General and the alarm of the girls! Will resolution ever be found or will Frederic be forced to remain a slave of duty? A comedy opera containing well-known songs, such as 'I am the very model of a modern Major General'!

Admission: £8(£6)

Magdalen Auditorium

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