The Marriage of Figaro

Wed 29th – Fri 31st Jan 2014


“'you should be more flirtatious you should be more salacious'”

The Heartstrings Opera Company


Pembroke Auditorium (29th) and Camera (31st)

Working in the household of the sleazy Count Almaviva, young couple Figaro and Susanna are blissfully making preparations for their wedding. Little do they know that the Count is getting tired of his marriage to the Countess and has his own designs for Susanna... As the tabloid press is always on the lookout for a scandal, and trainee journalist Cherubino is making his problems of his own, the pair must plot with the ill-treated Countess to thwart the Count's plans once and for all. With cross-dressing, vendettas and bunga-bunga, in this English-language production of Mozart's classic 'The Marriage of Figaro' Heartstrings Opera Company brings the seedy and entertaining world of Italian politics to the heart of Oxford.

Admission: £6(£4) – £7.50(£5)

Pembroke Auditorium

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