ONEOHONE presents Jane Austen's 'Emma'

Thu 14th Nov 2013


“Interactive adaptation of Austen's classic love story”





ONEOHONE Theatre Company


Immersive theatre company Oneohone are taking on the new queen of the £10 note in their modern retelling of one of Jane Austen's most beloved books. Emma Woodhouse is hosting a mixer and you're invited! Under the guidance of Austen's plucky heroine, audience members will be led through games and riddles designed - in Emma's opinion - to find them their perfect match. She takes no prisoners in her attempted matchmaking but other characters have turned up to play...and the path to true love never did run smooth.

Tickets are available at £12 full price and £10 concession from

'Emma' will be performed in the Norrington Room of the Blackwell's bookstore at 7pm on Thursday, 14th November. Come down for a drink and a dance, and let the Mistress of Ceremonies take the reins.

Admission: £12(£10)

Oxford Blackwell's

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