The Comedy of Errors

Tue 6th – Sat 10th Aug 2013


“This vibrant new production reveals the adultery and betrayal that lurk beneath the surface of Shakespeare's best-loved comedy.”





OUDS and Thelma Holt


Set in Malaga, Shakespeare's funniest comedy explores two sides of Britishness as stiff-upper lipped Antipholus of Marlborough seeks his long-lost twin amid the hedonistic ex-pat community. With its thumping clubs and cruise ships, class conflict ensues as the twins bluster through the city, leaving mayhem in their wake. Meanwhile their father has until sunset to cobble together a ransom if he wants to avoid execution. This is a world where nothing seems to fit, hilarity leads to hysteria, and family ties hang by a thread.

Admission: £10(£7)

University Church of St Mary the Virgin

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