Die Frau von früher (The Woman Before)

Tue 28th May – Sat 1st Jun 2013


“A "genuine token of the German soul, which is at the same time young and aged, too ripe and yet still too rich in futurity" (Nietzsche)”





The Oxford German Play


The packing is done. A family is moving house. Frank, the father, will be working overseas and Claudia, his wife, is going with him as a matter of course. Their almost grown up son Andreas will also relocate with them and, like his parents, is leaving his previous life in the old world behind. He now has to part from Tina, his first great love.

Hope is in the air, hovering over mountains of boxes and luggage. And a sense of something coming to an end drifts through the emptied house, brushing past memories that have been sorted out and become meaningless.

Tina, who is soon to be abandoned, sees the matter realistically. In his mind, Andreas is already more there than here. Claudia takes a shower, Frank is thinking. Everything seems to be ready, to be done and dusted; life pauses for a moment, then they hear knocking...

Romy stands at the door. Romy is Frank’s past, forgotten many years ago. Romy Vogtländer was the father’s first great love. Long before Claudia and Frank got to know each other, married and started a family, long before Andreas was born.

Romy knows what happened and what is important to her. She loves Frank. She returns and urges Frank to recall his vow: I will always love you! Romy knows no mercy! Frank begins to lie, stutters: Could, should we really dare... to think? Everything is packed and all sorts of things could happen!

(taken from Burgtheater, Vienna)


Admission: £6(£5)

Burton Taylor Studio (BT)

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