London Assurance

Thu 6th – Sat 8th Jun 2013


“"A wedding is about to come off. Will you take a part on the occasion?"”





Merton Floats


Sir Harcourt is getting married for the sake of his debts. His son, Charles, is running from his. But will Grace wed either? Meddle is in pursuit of a lawsuit, Max is trying to keep the peace. And nobody knows who Dazzle is. Lawyers are meddling, friends are deceiving, and Mr. Adolphus and Lady Gay Spanker haven't even turned up yet. It's about to get very silly.

Merton Floats presents Dionysius L. Boucicault's deliriously daft farce, London Assurance. Attempted elopements, mistaken identity, indecent proposals and accidental duels, all in the name of Fashion, set in the beautiful gardens of Merton College this 7th Week.

Admission: £7(£5)

Merton College Fellows Garden

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