Thu 16th – Sun 19th May 2013


“Nixon returns to the Union chamber with this Tony award-winning piece”

Nightingale Productions


There are lies, there are damned lies, and then there was Watergate.

It was a scandal that sent tremors to the heart of American politics. Richard Nixon's attempt to wiretap his Democratic opponents, and the subsequent cover-up operation, would put News of the World staff to shame.

Following Nixon’s resignation, David Frost, the British talk-show host and ambitious comedian, took it upon himself to wrangle a confession out of the elusive ex-president. It was to be a clash of titans. And the result was something expected by nobody...

Peter Morgan's Frost/Nixon explores this dark affair through a close study of both characters. No stone is left unturned in Frost's pursuit of truth, but his subject is nobody's fool. Richard Nixon has his heart set on winning back the American people, and no upstart young talk-show host is going to stop him.

Staged in the Oxford Union’s debating chamber, the iconic venue visited by Nixon himself in 1978, the play is one steeped in tension and intrigue.

There will only be one victor.

Pick a side.

Admission: £9(£7)

The Oxford Union

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