Titus Andronicus

Tue 20th – Fri 23rd Nov 2012


“Shakespeare's gory classic brought to life in post-Vietnam America. Hippies versus War vets. Bring it on.”





CABAL Student Productions


1968. The revolution has failed. Its leaders lie scattered, at the mercy of the government they were fighting to destroy.

But perhaps all is not lost. The war is far from over. In a city where a silver tongue and a flinty heart can make a man President, enmity will never die. Opportunities for revenge flourish, and virtue is torn down, deflowered, and desecrated. Rome is but a wilderness of tigers…

In Week 7 of Michaelmas Term 2012, Cabal Student Productions brings one of Shakespeare’s most controversial plays to the stage. Violent and cruel, Titus Andronicus challenges a modern audience like no other. St Anthony’s Drama Society, in association with Trinity Players, are reinvigorating the play in a new production, set in Washington D.C. following the failure of the radical summer of 1968. The US elite bombastically celebrate their victory over an upstart, godless, un-American movement. But their complacency is unjustified. The radicals are rising again. With two cultures, two worldviews struggling for primacy, a savage battle for survival is at hand. In the age of Richard Nixon, Jimi Hendrix, and the Vietnam War, the stage is set for the most brutal war of all, and no-one is playing by the rules.

£8/£6 Student Concession


20, 21, 22 and 23 November

Doors 19:00

Titus Andronicus - Joseph Prentice

Tamora - Katie McGunagle

Aaron - Andrew Laithwaite

Marcus Andonicus - Edward Lewis

Saturninus - Jimmy McConville

Lavinia - Lara Panahy

Bassianus - Salvator Cusimano

Lucius - Jonathan Oakman

Demetrius - Matt Broomfield

Chiron - Anirudh Mandagere

Young Lucius - Sarah Smierciak

Martius - David Holt

Quintus - Johannes Schulz

Aemilius - Emmanuel Mahieux

Publius - Alex Wilson

Clown/Messenger - Stefania Palma

Nurse - Angelica DeGaetano

Director – Richard Elliott

Assistant Director – Esme Hicks

Producer – Aleks Al-Dhahir

Executive Producer - Rob Natzler

Admission: £8(£6)

English Faculty, Lecture Theatre 2

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