The Freedom of the City

Wed 14th – Sat 17th Nov 2012


“Soundbite to be specified”





Freedom Productions


"we have the same chances and the same opportunities as the next fella ... believe me, we'll get it, because it's something every man's entitled to and nothing can stop us getting what we're entitled to"

When a civil rights march in Derry is intercepted by the British army and Northern Irish police force, Lily, Skinner and Michael find themselves taking refuge in the Mayor's private parlour in the Guildhall. In this unlikeliest of settings, the three strangers talk, drink, dance and argue, whilst outside the room, dangerously scaremongering stories are gathering about the 'terrorists' in the building, and police are preparing for a violent reprisal.

Admission: £9(£7)

The Morris Room at the Oxford Union

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