What the **** is Normal Anyway?

Sat 3rd – Sat 17th Nov 2012


“‘One of the circuit’s most brilliant comedians’ The Observer”





Francesca Martinez


Saturday, 3 November, 8pm

Saturday, 17 November, 8pm

Francesca Martinez

The UK’s ‘wobbly’ comedian, Francesca Martinez, returns to Pegasus with her new award-winning show! Francesca takes a hilarious look at our obsession with the word ‘normal’ – how we define it, how most of us crave to be it, why so many crazy things in the world are called it and all the bloody politics which come with it. Born ‘wobbly’, it is one label which has haunted Francesca for most of her life… until she realised that she’d never met a ‘normal’ person before. Have you?

This show is Francesca’s defiant, insightful and fascinating answer…

Intrigued by the power that a six-letter word has over so many people, Francesca shares her own life-changing journey of growing up as ‘abnormal’, being rescued from High-School-Hell by ‘Grange Hill’, meeting David Bowie, falling in love… with an arsehole, getting over that arsehole, letting Ricky Gervais take the piss out of her walk, and trying to work out what to call the Dalai Lama when you meet him. And asks why we live in a world where Katie Price is a role model because she has symmetrical features and money – this is a woman who’s ‘written’ more books than she’s read!

This is a show to make you laugh, and go home feeling better about being alive and all those bits you’ve never liked about yourself. After all, who wants to be ‘normal’ anyway?!

Admission: £12(£6) – £12(£8)

Pegasus Theatre

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