Rubber Dinghy

Tue 28th Feb – Sat 3rd Mar 2012


“ Running from their actions, two men find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean, in an orange inflatable rubber dinghy.”





Oxford University Dramatic Society


'Rubber Dinghy’ is a snap shot of the lives of David and Seth as they try to escape their past. Running from their actions the two men find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean in an orange inflatable rubber dinghy. While waiting to be rescued they only have each other and their memories of loved ones for company. Between messages in bottles, trying to fish, and discussing favourite biscuits, David comforts himself with the memory of his daughter singing ‘Bluemoon’ and Seth attempts to review his diary and life. They both try to reinvent the past and things start to look bleak as their supplies run out and the boundary between fantasy and memory, between comedy and tragedy and what is real and what is not starts to blur. They are each forced to face the question: whether it is possible to start over or best to just end it all? Featuring live music 'Rubber Dinghy' is a darkly comic and surreal tour de force.

"The OUDS New Writing Festival showcases the best of student writing in Oxford. From 28 script submissions, Telegraph theatre critic Dominic Cavendish has selected the top four to be performed at the festival. Student directors and actors will take these brand new plays on their exhilarating first journey from page to stage."

Admission: £6(£5)

Burton Taylor Studio (BT)

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