CUPPERS: Mens Rea (St. Hilda's)

Thu 10th Nov 2011


“The monster is always within but what matters is how tightly it is bound.”

Locked door productions


Sex... It’s a complicated affair. Sex is about communication.

Sex is about interpretation. It’s about connecting words and

actions; actions that do not always reflect the words

uttered. When she says no does she really mean yes? Is he

just saying yes when he really wants to say no? This moment

in history is unprecedented in terms of the legal protection

on paper for sexual abuse, yet the number of successful

prosecutions for sexual harassment or rape is still

exceedingly low.

Inspired by recent high profile cases, this play attempts to

highlight the complexities of human sexual relations and to

understand the underlying forces and attitudes of the

individuals and of society in interpreting the roles of the

victim and of the aggressor. Mens Rea is a detailed look into

the complexity and subtlety of both verbal and physical

communication and the dynamics of power in one of the most

important and common acts in human life.

Admission: £1

The Burton Taylor Studio

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