Failure and How to Achieve It

Tue 25th – Sat 29th Oct 2011


“Soundbite to be specified”





The Oxford Revue


A new comedy from Max Fletcher (6ft 2in) and Nick Davies (6ft 3in) of the Oxford Revue

We've spent our entire budget on personalised bathrobes. Help us recoup our losses.

As yet the jury's out on how good it'll be. Here's what these guys have said about us in the past:


* * * * *-'...seems tight...'-The New Current

* * * *- 'Comedians'-Three Weeks

* * * *- 'Max Fletcher and Nick Davies...portrayed as the criminal masterminds they truly are'- Edfringe Review.

* * *-'a collection of sketches, some stand-alone and others that run throughout the entire performance'-Broadway Baby

* *-'Nick Davies...amusing'-Edfringe Review

'mediocre at best, and at its worst rather anti-semitic'- The U-Review

Complimentary cocktail sausages will be served on days with the letter 'O' in them.

The show runs from 25th to Saturday the 29th October (third week) at 9.30 in the evening in the Burton Taylor Studios, Gloucester Street, Oxford

(Before you ask, cocktail sausages wont be served everyday simply because it's October. By 'days with the letter 'o' in them we mean actual days, like Monday)

So that's from tuesday 25th to saturday the 29th. (There will be no complimentary cocktail sausages)

Admission: £6(£5)

Burton Taylor Studio (BT)

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