Children of Oedipus- Reviews contain spoilers!

Wed 26th – Sat 29th Oct 2011


“Life goes on, even for Oedipus.”

DEM Productions


Children of Oedipus - a new play based on Euripides' 'Phoenician Women'

Written and Directed by Arabella Currie

"Oedipus, your grim life, your dragging of yourself through life with all its breathing in and out, its waking and sleeping, its slow hours. In whatever corner you hide. In your dank bed. You hear me. Come out."

What would happen in the days, months, years that follow a family's revelation of incest and murder? In this play, father, mother and children fall short of tragic heroism and nobility, they fail to confront exile or suicide, they simply cling on, dragging themselves through the mess of everyday life.

Yet, beneath this attempt at domestic normality, the shameful secret lives on. The sons of Oedipus are at each other's throats and the city is locked in civil war. Can Jocasta hold together her family and her home?

Euripides' least-known play, 'Phoenissae', offers a new vision of tragedy, in which extraordinary suffering takes place in an ordinary world.

DEM and Hour Glass Productions present a striking new version, written and directed by the award-winning Arabella Currie.

Life goes on, even for Oedipus.

Admission: £7

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