The Real Thing

Tue 26th – Sat 30th Jun 2012


“A glorious play... Stoppard's wit and intellectual rigour is warmed by the glow of romance.”





English Touring Theatre and West Yorkshire Playhouse


Henry is a brilliant and celebrated playwright. With his wife Charlotte in the starring role, his new play examines the complexity of love and infidelity. But when passions ignite and his own marriage becomes entwined with that of Charlotte's co-star, Max, and Max's wife, Annie, Henry's reality and fiction blur. As he struggles to write a new work, the players in this game of deceit and lust are all searching, but can any of them find 'the real thing'?

Tom Stoppard is one of the most important writers alive today, applauded the world over for his work in theatre and film (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Arcadia, Empire of the Sun, Shakespeare in Love). Sparklingly witty, genuinely moving and thought-provoking, The Real Thing is one of his most enduring and richly acclaimed works.

Making a welcome return to the Playhouse following Eden End and Far from the Madding Crowd, English Touring Theatre presents this electrifying new production of Stoppard's cunning exposé of love and betrayal.

Admission: Free

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