Titus Andronicus

Wed 23rd – Fri 25th May 2012


“And I will find a day to massacre them all.”

Badman Theatre


Badman Theatre Productions presents TITUS ANDRONICUS, a spectacle combining fierce dynamism with Shakespeare's heart-rending tragedy. The play was the most popular and frequently performed in Shakespeare's own time, and we bring it to you today with all of the same passion, raw emotion, and with plenty of edge...

DECADENT ENGLAND; TURN OF THE CENTURY. The empire is challenged as the ruler dies, and the search for a new monarch has begun. The country calls for the war hero, General Titus Andronicus, to take charge upon his return, but he steps aside for Prince Saturninus. Titus has brought back Queen Tamora (who Saturninus takes for his wife), her sons Chiron and Demetrius, and her lover Aaron as his prisoners of war. As Titus and Tamora become locked in a aggressive game of revenge, the country (and the world we're witnessing) seems to fall apart, descending into a violent, messy end. Portrayed through physical theatre, in a stylised world where the Roman empire never left Britain.

The performance will be in the University Parks, a truly exclusive location in which the setting sun shall adorn our set, and shine down upon you as you view the tragedy unfold. Nature will be our stage for this heady masterpiece; we hope to see you there...



Admission: £3

University Parks

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