The Story of the Four Minute Mile

Fri 4th – Sun 13th May 2012


“Everybody said it couldn't be done... ”





Oxford Playhouse


6 May 1954. The wind drops and Roger Bannister starts to run. As the crowd hold their breath, the crackled voice of the announcer breaks the silence: 'Result of event 9, the one mile... time: 3 minutes...' The rest is unheard in the roar of excited cheers and flashing bulbs. He'd done it.

On the anniversary of the first sub-four minute mile, Oxford Playhouse presents the fascinating true account of how one dedicated amateur runner achieved what the world thought was impossible.

Taking place on the Iffley Road running track, where the four minute mile record was first made, this new Playhouse Plays Out production invites audiences to walk a mile in Bannister's footsteps, exploring one of the city's greatest stories. A tale of courage and ambition; an experiment in mind over matter.

From the excitement of the build-up to the magical moment itself, you will

be transported back to 1954 in an interactive experience featuring memories and anecdotes from Oxford residents who were there on the day. At the very place where history was made, you will become part of the cheering crowd, hear from the pacemaker and discover what it feels like to cross the finishing line, as you walk a mile in the famous footsteps of Roger Bannister.

Admission: £8(£5)

Sir Roger Bannister Running Track

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