Free Stand-Up - Hello Sad Clown II: Clown is now Angry

Sun 4th Mar 2012


“Soundbite to be specified”





Sad Clown Stand-Up


Did you come last time? Did you not? I don't care.

In the words of an unsuspecting human mother of twin inflated space-hoppers, 'Oh god it's happening again'

Line Up Featuring:

Luke Partridge (first ever host of Sad Clown makes welcome but potentially fatal return, 'its not really my style but I suppose it was ok' Audience member at Oxford's Got Talent Final)

Alex Kealy (finalist in 2011's So You Think You're Funny, previous finalists include Rhod Gilbert, Reginald D. Hunter, Russell Howard and other comedians whose first names start with R)

Richard O'Brien

Rhys Maliphant

Admission: Free

Cricketer's Arms

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